It’s a little daunting realising just how many people there are on this beat up ball of dirt.


Over seven BILLION.




That’s a freaking big number.


It’s a wonder how people fall in love with only one person. Not to sound critical, but more amazed at the accomplishment. I’m a sucker for the feeling of love (though it is often confused with lust, and then we start to have a problem), and having only one person on my mind is very difficult. Too many people are just too freaking perfect and I want to passionately love them all.


But I don’t think you can love everyone. Sometimes I feel guilty when I realise what traits I will never, ever, find attractive, for absolutely no good reason other than it’s just not working for me. I hope it’s not some ‘supreme white person’ character of thought, because I don’t feel better than anyone else, but it’s not really a discussion topic that’s talked about often. So I will just hope that everyone else has certain traits they find unattractive for no good reason, and will make me feel less guilty about being picky.


Three things I adore about the people I want to be passionate with are –


One: Humour. This is super cliché and feels dreadfully redundant to say, but it’s super important to me. I’d rather choose never feel love than never feel happy ever again. If you have a broad, intense sense of humour, I’m already yours.


Two: Intelligence. Not the conventional ‘tertiary’ education. We all have that. I mean can you whisper to me everything I don’t know yet? Will you explore the vast newness of what’s out there with me? Can you leave your inhibitions behind and really push yourself up to stand with me and look out at the future? If yes, leave your application with me.


Three. Shoulders. There has to be one physical aspect to drool over. Plus, I like giving massages, so this could work out well for both parties.


Are you super picky about one particular trait? Do/did you ever have a check-list? What percentage of looks v mind do you think you have. I’d say I’m a 30/70 look/brain split myself, which I think is quite comfortable.


Leaving this song here because, well, I like it.




Standard edition.

I don’t think my standards are too high. There are very few things I am picky about. Usually I’m satisfied if you’re alive and have a good grasp of the English language. But the few things that do concern me, I will critically examine and see if they are a trait you have, in which case, laters homie.

Four turn offs, in no special order, based upon real life lessons.

One: You are negative about your family for no good reason. This is something I had to learn about the hard way (which ended in an ugly brawl between the now ex, her parents, and me). Looking back there were a lot of unnecessary negative comments made by her, which stupidly influenced my adolescent, hormonally confused girl opinions. I know you should fall in love with the person, and not their relatives, but if you’re going to trash talk your parents on no reasonable grounds but simply ‘for the lols’, then please leave.

Two: You hate books. This goes against everything I believe in, and makes me think you are uninterested in learning about ANYTHING.

Three: You cling in the ‘ohmygod I haven’t heard from her in three hours she’s totally cheating on me’ kinda way. Honey, calm the F down. I’m just waking up from passing out on a mates couch because drunk driving is a big no-no (which I’m starting to think you are also a big no-no if this is how you react every weekend).

Four: You have no sense of humour. Like, you don’t even laugh at me. If I can’t make you laugh then I’d highly recommend you get your funometer checked because I am hiiiiiiilarious.


EDIT: I completely forgot my absolute number one pet hate. Not being on time. If you are someone who is always late to every event, then we are never to be together. I know this breaks the rules, but this edit is totally worth the honest points.

Do you think my standards are unreasonable? Are you a very fussy person, or do you love everyone on the planet ever? I’d like to know how you judge people (let’s be honest now, we allllllllll do it).