Incomplete – help me?

This poem feels incomplete, so I need your feedback.


At birth, the umbilical cord is cut.


From this moment, the now phantom limb burns

deep in our gut, and wonders

how it’s ever going to

feel connected again.


Luckily for my generation,

never before have people been so



With technology we can attach,

we can attach,

we can



But there are glitches,

mixed signals,

crossing between what we knew,

and what we now



We know using our hands to swipe is a control,

and as such waving goodbye has become

a command.


We know that while

our eyes

give the greatest clarity and definition,

they cannot be trusted anymore,

because their shapes do not mirror

our rectangular visions.


We know our first words learnt are


 iAm i


and missing from our vocabulary is




We know the heart vibrates

when we receive messages from others,

and soon anatomy books will show

it being no longer in

our chest,

but in our pockets.


(Though every time we raise it 

to our ears, we are surprised to hear

no beat).


We know our ancestors could successfully

navigate all four corners of the globe

by repeatedly getting


Now we play a delicate

balancing act

walking, heads down, too scared

to deviate from the 5cm

tightrope screen,

we tip-toe to

the coffee shop

right in front

of us. 


We know how to like things,

how to like things,

how to like





but not how to love.







Eight ways to win hearts (a step by step guide).

One: Player One must enter the game.


Two: Player Two must also enter the game.


Three: Game landscape changes to bars/cafes, players acquire weapons such as coffee, books, tales of past escapades. Proceed with caution. Difficulty – advanced.


Four: Players One and Two level up by talking/dinnering/adventuring. Level up time extends depending on defense used by respective player(s). If barrier gets broken proceed to step five. If not, end game now.


Five: Player One or Two invites the other over to their base (bonus round: bedroom).


Six: Players exchange special items (house keys, rings, hearts).


Seven: Players combine physical/mental efforts and move forward to the next installment – Part 2: Life together.


Eight: Game over.