Friends are the best.

I Skyped a wonderful friend, Alheli, recently, and during our multiple discussions about real people and real things I piped up saying my writing had become stale, and I found little to no motivation about any topics since being back home. She came to the rescue by proposing we send each other random questions, 23 to be exact, and answer them in our next post. Friends really are the best.

So here we go.

1. Would you rather drown or die in a fire…on a plane?

I would rather drown as the plane went down. In my mind it feels more peaceful.

2. How do you know when you like someone?

I can look them in the eyes while talking to them. My brain entertains the possibilities further than a one night option. My breathing changes. My skin feels tense. It feels good all over.

3. How do you know if they like you?

I don’t. I’m really bad at the dating game and think no-one likes me ‘like that’.

4. Do you ever feel like the adverse of what you imagined happens when you chose to do one tiny insignificant thing (like eat breakfast) differently?

As in the butterfly effect? Some days I do. Especially when travelling. It’s like if I was a few metres ahead/behind would I end up in a better/worse situation.

5. Ever have moments when you could swear you know what someone across the room from you is talking about without being part of that conversation or listening in?

Not exactly, but I sometimes know what song will be next on the radio. I can’t explain it, but I hum the song, and it appears. Same with card games, I feel like I can influence others who are choosing the suit needed to play just by thinking it.

6. What’s the most intense deja vu you’ve ever had?

Having a regular working schedule, especially when I was working at Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School. Monotonous week day work gives me that feeling.

7. If you were injected into any fairy tale, which one would you want to be in?

Ahh, oh this is hard. I choose Aladdin, because I would sing ‘A Whole New World’ until my voice went hoarse.

8. What would you do in this fairy tale.

Magic carpet, anyone?

9. Which is worse: nose hair or ear hair?

Nose hair. Ear hair I could hide by just wearing my hair down.

10. Would you rather be gifted a wardrobe from the 1980s every year and get to pick and choose or keep your current wardrobe… forever?

Current wardrobe, you couldn’t pay me enough to wear all the fluoro the 80’s provided. And shoulder pads are just the worst.

11. Hot sauce on yer privates for 20 minutes or chlamydia for a year?

Hot sauce. I am cringing as I write this.

12. Finding out your lover is cheating on you with your sibling or finding out your lover has an odd, but fairly benign fetish?

Fetish. I feel like everyone has one of these, deep down. If they don’t, they are lying to themselves.

13. You can eradicate only one societal evil: misogyny or racism.

Misogyny. It affects me more.

14. If someone offered, would you eat human flesh?

If it was obtained in a 100% consensual manner from said person I was about to consume, yes.

15. Would you rather face 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

One horse sized duck. And then train it so I can ride it. It shall be named Sir Roger Wigglebottom the Third.

16. The world may be hit by a meteor and be obliterated and you only have 10 days.There is no way to know for sure. What you do?

Stay close to my family. Absolve myself. Be at peace.

17. Ideal Halloween costume? Why?

I would actually love to dress up as Hermione Granger. She’s badass, and magic is always a winner. The uniform looks sophisticated enough too.

18. Best joke you’ve ever heard.

A baby seal walked into a club. Heh.

19. Most important thing you’ve learned to date.

You have freedom of actions. Not freedom from consequences.

20. Your mantra/something you like to say…and why

            Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It reminds me that trying is the first step towards gaining anything.

21.What movie makes you cry and why?

I think the last time I cried from a film was watching ‘Schindler’s List’. But lately this slam poem brought a tear. Watch this –

22. How do we fix people who think they’re broken?

We guild their cracks with happiness, new memories, passion, love. We make their cracks their best features.

23. Where do you want to be?

On top of the world.






Momentary variation from the norm.

I want my own Dead Poet’s Society.  

I want a few friends to disappear with into the night.

I want a couple bottles of whiskey.

I want a cigar or two.

I want a beach clearing.

I want battered poetry books of old.

I want a Kindle filled with poets new.

I want paper and pens strewn across the picnic towel.

I want lifeless poems sacrificed to the drift wood fire.

I want unafraid voices carrying the survivors.

I want exhaustion.

I want self-consciousness dead.

I want myself alive.

The daily post prompt asked a question similar to ‘do groups of people inspire you?’ My answer is a resounding yes, and it made me miss the feelings I had at tertiary.

The late-night working sessions,

the coffee induced craziness,

the comfortable sigh of completing something magical.

It seems so out of reach now.