Synthetic Journal is about taking the basics of humanity, and turning it into something beautifully complex.

It’s transforming the positive/neutral/negative, into a myriad of innumerable emotions.

It’s also fake.

These words, these digital characters, are not me.

They are the closest thing to ‘real’ I can produce, to show you who I am.

They are the synthetic me.

And when I have finished turning the basic into the complex, turning my thoughts into words, I release them onto this website, my Journal, for you to read, and turn into your own beautifully complex ideas.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a really interesting blog. I see you’ve followed mine which also tackles the issue of what to do after a degree, and I’ve got a post in the pipeline that specifically deals with TEFL and such things – is that what you do or do you teach something else?

    All the best, another ‘E’!

    • Yes your blog came up in a friends newsfeed so I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it ^__^ Currently I am ‘that’ backpacker teacher teaching English in China. It’s amazingly crazy.

      Cannot wait to hear/read more from you!


  2. Nice work! cool-smart minded. keeping writing, keep thinking, till the time everything not synthetic anymore! Thanks for coming to the Comedy Show. JImmy Qi

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