Waving to Death (an incomplete thought).

i like the duality of humans and the cosmos. both consisting of immeasurable amounts of fragments. both capable of being seen as infinite and infinitesimal.


suppose all matter generates gravitational waves. an exertion of energy that ripples across space-time from the point of matter ‘being’, to the point where it ceases to be.

an infinite wave that passes through all other waves, always connected. always existing.


suppose the matter in question is you, person forged from the depths of dying stars. person with an immeasurable amount of atoms, a small universe in itself.


suppose the universe began condensed, and exploded to an infinite stretch, breaking apart in all directions. filling the nothing with everything. radiating onwards.


suppose we are born with a small singular point inside us.  a concentrated sense of ‘energy’ that starts to stretch out to our skin borders as we age. a wave that nears its physical manifestation through the passage of time, the shrinking of morality. the aging of you. this wave we have called ‘life’. this wave we think simply disappears when our bodies reach their boundary.


suppose it is death that breaks the boundary.


suppose it is this ceasing to exist as a singularity that instead allows this wave inside us to continue out in all directions, forever crossing over the waves of past, present, and future.


suppose we never really disappear, but become at once infinite and infinitesimal.






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