Isolation and Newton’s Third Law.

I am probably the only white being within a 50km radius from my position of writing.


Scratch that.


I’m probably the only being within a 50km radius from this position on the couch (my couch is pretty sweet though, how I leave it every day still astounds me). Needless to say this means my own thoughts have been my companion these past few weeks (a terrifying ordeal). Usually I do okay and distract myself with various streaming movies, but some days it does suck.


Like the day I compiled all the Valentine’s Day dinners happening all over Beijing. Yet again I forgot to nab a partner for that chocolate-smeared, rose petal bordered, smushy smush day of the year. Oh darn. To check out things that I write you can click this word here.


I really am enjoying my internship though. Even the four hour round-trip commute isn’t bad enough for me to hate on it even a little. I love the subway far too much; every day there’s somebody new to judge look at. Two days ago I even made contact with one of these weird underground mole-esque folks like myself. An elderly woman, my guess is late 60’s (the age game in China is really difficult), stepped into my carriage with her husband/humanoid donkey – poor guy was laden with corn, nuts, milk, the perils of lower class China etc etc, and they soon became quite distracted reading the electronic map, I presume to figure out which stop they needed.


Now the thing about the Beijing Subway is it is quite good at being efficient, and really doesn’t give you much time to settle in for the ride.


You read that right folks, China can be efficient at some things!


I watched and waited for them to assume a bracing position via holding a pole or leaning against a wall, but it wasn’t happening. At this point I was observing all of this from a seat in the same carriage. A seat is worth more than gold for most subway passengers, and it can become an every-man-for-himself Gladiator situation during busy rush hours (there will be blood). With milliseconds to go before the subway lurched forward I stood up and placed myself behind the woman who had now become mesmerised by the flashing red dot (another signal that the subway is about to go). As it pulled away, with the assistance of Newton’s Third Law, the poor woman looked set to tumble right into the corn bag her husband had set down. I caught her (of course) and directed her to my now vacant seat, of which she kept refusing (I just saved your corn’s life you will damn well take that seat).


Good deed for the year = check.


In other news I laughed at the social justice being served to a blue Ferrari being towed off from Parkview Green (a mall I will soon do a write-up about) upon the dirtiest tow truck I have ever seen. Being an asshole in China is generally okay, but being an asshole with a very nice car seems to be where they draw the line.



That’s all folks, the tiger whiskey is calling me.








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