If you don’t vote, you have no right to argue the outcome.

Politics is hard.


It’s where you see the rights and the lefts.

The steal for the poor, and the get rich from theft.

The straight and narrows, and the bents.

The commanding ladies, and the charming gents.


Yes, there will be those who love the system.

Yes, there will be those who abuse the system.

Yes, there will be those who loathe the system.


But unless you care enough to vote, nothing else is going to change the system.


I believe it should be a mandatory requirement for everyone of legal age to vote for any council/governmental that applies to him or her.


To withhold this act is to withhold this magnificent movement in NZ politics that is ‘democracy.


The act to freely choose is long engrained in the process of democracy. I know that not every conceivable choice known to humankind will be available whence cometh the hour of voting (no, I’m afraid the legalities of unicorns will remain out of bounds), but there is enough breadth of choice within each election to warrant you giving a damn.


Just pay attention.


Look at what daily structures affect your life.

Look at who makes these decisions.

Look at the outcomes.


And ask yourself if you’re still okay with staying blind to it all.

Ask yourself if you’re okay with not giving a damn.


The Hamilton City Council is once again asking its citizens to give these damns a number.

A recognition.

A vote.


I live in China, and I see what happens when the citizens are not allowed a voice on a daily basis.


Don’t allow yourself to back down from the privilege you have been given.


Don’t allow yourself to think others will choose for you.


For if we have no numbers to count, the combines mistakes we make along the way will be the only number we have left.







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