Something fishy.

Strange thoughts I had about fishing, and life.


I grew up a fisherman’s daughter

I measure my life not by length, or width.

But in depth.


These are some lessons I’ve pulled to the surface:


The early bird may catch the worm

But the early fishermen catch the sunrise.


A line cast out will only cause small ripples.

But from what other actions were waves born?


To measure ‘the fish you almost had’ is always as wide as your arms can stretch.

Which is also the standard measurement for hugs.


If a fish swallows a hook, it can be very difficult

(and probably painful)

to pull out because of a little barb attached to it,

preventing easy release.

The same difficulty is felt when

you swallow your own lies, and

try to spit the truth out afterwards.


A simple knot will not suffice against the struggle of a fish,

for it’s breaking point comes when one line

overpowers the other.

Similar to a relationship, you cannot tie

a simple knot and test the strength in

pulling apart.

Rather you should tie yourself like a lure,

twisting and threading around each other, until

the bind is within the layers and pulling only lessens

the space between the lines and

strengthens the overall bond.


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