Some raw thoughts about the broken.

I’m tired of the broken state of the world (Syria, I hope you are ok), and tried to find something beautiful, before the powerlessness took over my head. It’s raw and badly edited, broken you might say. But isn’t that the point.



Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery

with a resin of lacquer and gold.

The cracks, the pieces, are joined together

by something rare and beautiful.


Its beauty is in the cracks.


Maybe we’ve been looking at broken things the wrong way.


When a fever breaks, instead of continued suffering,

you know you are getting better.


When morning breaks, instead of ‘having to face another day’

you are reminded that another 86,400 seconds are available for you

to change the world.


When light breaks, instead of shadows overpowering,

we are gifted with rainbows.


When (some) rules break, instead of anarchy,

a revolution has brought the opportunity for peace.


When silence breaks, awkwardness isn’t entering the room,

it means thoughts are brave enough to have found a voice.


When a hymen breaks, it doesn’t mean a girl has lost anything,

it means a girl is opening herself up to you

more than to anyone else.


When your heart breaks, it doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough,

it means you know what love feels like and

when you find it again, it will be better than any shattered memory.

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