At a loss for words.

Amongst a library stack, surrounded by those whose words are already inked in success and bound by triumph , I performed in my first ‘slam poetry’ competition.


What a setting.

What a feeling.

What an experience.


I went there alone. No family member, or close friend, was told about my plan to enter a competition. A month leading to this night, I was preparing myself at workshops I would pass off as ‘listening sessions’.

I would say we are speaking in front of a group.

But never would I say it was to compete.


I didn’t want anyone to know.


I didn’t want another influence, telling me why I was doing this.

Why my gut ached to do this.

Why it mattered to me.


I was selfish.


I wanted this for myself.


And never has self-liberation felt as good as tonight, realising that you, and you alone, can be the driving force leading to victory.


To the slam poets out there, I raise my voice, and salute you all.

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