Little slices of death.

I hate sleeping. I find it strange how we’re designed to shut down for 5 – 12 hours, and have hallucypnotic (a combination of hallucinatory and hypnotic) tricks played on us by our beloved organ, the brain. Sleep equals zero productivity, and I am a workaholic in the sense that any accomplishment comes from ‘doing’. But ‘doing’ is a broad word to define, and most of the time my ‘doing’, is really just thinking.


So I’m not sure if I’m being hypocritical here, or not.


However I thought I’d share with you thoughts plaguing my brain at the moment.


  1. How powerful is a thought? Is it powerless until established as an action, or are some thoughts meant to remain confined in this non-physical realm of conscience?
  2. Some careers seem designed to promote a sense of elitism, and nothing more, which is rather sad considering the potential each of us have.
  3. Slam poetry is like heroin, you ache to perform, but once you get to the stage your heart races to infinity and the shakes set you off balance.
  4. How are there homeless people in NZ, and why does the image of the old man selling seashells for $1, with notes of goodwill written onto them, still plague me?
  5. David Farrier said“hey” to me and it was rad.
  6. I’m jealous of those who have no public display of their track record to success, and I want to know when personal success tips into the real world.
  7. Or perhaps there is no tipping point, and worlds collide.
  8. Girls.
  9. I really need to learn more Chinese.
  10. And WordPress.
  11. And code.
  12. And.
  13. And.
  14. And.
  16. I hope China receives my paperwork soon, and will let me back there within a month.
  17. Being carless feels horrible.
  18. Thinking starts off meaningful, and deteriorates quickly into this mess.
  19. I’m hungry.
  20. Must stay awake.



Sometimes, words of maddening clarity appear, and I take action and write these thoughts down in an intricately compelling manner.


I’m sorry to say readers, tonight is not that night.


I think I’m writing this to show myself what a real ‘to-do’ list looks like.


Or maybe it’s simply to say I have ‘done’ something.


How do you feel about sleep? Do you caress your bed like a lover, and mold into it? Or stay awake like myself, and see that our punishment is gazing at the stars?


More importantly, what have you ‘done’ today?







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