I spy with my little eye.

Something beginning with D…

Growing up, Dad was always right.

There’s probably one parent you become somewhat more mentally attached to. Mine is my Dad. I wanted to be just like him. I remember not going to church, because I wanted to stay home and join ‘the dark side with cookies’ as he jokingly suggested. But without that, I would have discovered reasonable thought at a much later stage in life (or possibly, never). I remember him leaving super early for work, so I’d get up just as early to watch the crappy morning TV on Sky. But without that I would have a lazier work ethic than I do today. I remember fishing for hours and listening to Dad say his thoughts openly to the ocean, and me. Without that I would not have this urge to speak out for myself, or my slight addiction to arguing for the purpose of hearing the whole story (and not just believing my own interpretation of events).

My father deserves more credit than he has ever been given, and don’t be fooled into thinking I don’t respect/value/love him (because I do with all my heart). Growing up in a low socio-economic family bracket in a time when virtually no handouts were available (compared to today) he now supports a family who live in the high socio-economic bracket. Without my father (and mother, of course) working and saving as hard as they did, my life, quite frankly, would be an entirely different story.

But sometimes, we learn lessons without the influence of our parents.

Enter a short acronym that has been of great concern to New Zealand: GCSB.

Four little letters that hold a lot more power than their syllables suggest.

What I think I know/feel about the proposed GCSB Amendment Bill.

  1. It will allow the GCSB to spy on New Zealand citizens (they have allegedly been doing it for years, but a clause found last year has shown it is currently illegal for them to do so).
  2. It will allow metadata from all technological communications to be stored in one ‘universal cloud’ system.
  3. This cloud system has the potential to be used/hacked by foreign agents.
  4. Without an independent third party authority reviewing cases regarding New Zealand citizens, there is no way to show justifiable means of surveillance authorised from either the GCSB or the Prime Minister.
  5. The ‘I have nothing to hide or fear from the current Government’ argument is only applicable to the current political rule. A more tyrannical/evil Government could take huge advantages of these proposed changes.
  6. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission, Privacy Commission, and Law Commission all show strong objections to the current proposed changes.

A small summary, yes, but huge impacts nonetheless.

I don’t blame or condemn my father’s approach to the proposed bill. He is a huge National supporter, and growing up in my father’s shade meant so was I. I didn’t want our family to become poor. I didn’t want my father’s hard work to go unnoticed. I didn’t want to see worthless system abusers get a free ride.

For the most part, I still agree with my father’s intentions.

For the most part.

He supports the proposed GCSB Amendment Bill.

Watching the GCSB protest today I learnt that we have it very lucky in New Zealand. We don’t need to use violence to show our disappointment. We can gather peacefully and express our frustrations and thoughts. Sometimes it’s used for good, when the speaker actually understands the impact this protest can deliver. Sometimes it’s used for bad, when protests are hijacked by people wanting to express an idea not consistent with the aim of the protest.

To get New Zealanders to pay attention towards protests (and ideas) is the key, and I’m unsure as to whether this protest achieved it. It was my first time attending one though, so my emotions were not fully engaged toward the content, but spread about between content, emotional response, and crowd fascination.


What I think I know/feel about my own intentions, after witnessing a protest.

Sometimes little children grow up exactly like their parent/s.

Sometimes, they don’t.



I spy with my little eye, something beginning with D…












Parliament dress up. I spy. Crowd shot. Acronym redefined.  Sign for support. Every number counts.

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