Being a DJ is the closest thing to a modern day God.

Here we have one lone individual (well, usually, sometimes there are more to cater to the polytheists). S/he is surrounded by a vast network of electronic equipment, booze, and their inner sanctum of disciples, aka friends. Looking out over this control zone, you see a veritable wave of mashed bodies, writhing in an audio induced feeding frenzy; almost all have their arms raised to the sky. They wait for their new Messiah to preach the warbles of bass and distortion.

It’s an almost zen-like moment, when you realise that everyone in the crowd with you has come together to combine his or her sins into one mosh-pit of repentance. The DJ box beckons you to confess your wickedness; your feet ache to show them.

You pray the bass will save you from a moment’s sobriety.

You pray ‘the drop’ will fill your newly discovered emptiness.

You pray the DJ will speak directly to you, and guide you with their strobe lighting into a new resonance.

And if you’re lucky the beautiful climax will resolve you of all wrongdoings, well, at least for a night.

This is how I like to think of modern electronic music events. I’m not conventionally religious (atheist if you ask me however I won’t preach that to you), but sometimes it’s nice to think there’s more to music than mere sound waves.

My feet are tapping as I write, seems like there’s still some sins in me unresolved.

Sidenote: If you are in Hamilton next week there is a great dnb event raising money for kids who, due to circumstances they cannot control, are living with minimal necessities. If you want good food and a couple of karma points please join in –


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