Dream Home.

I love being around people, which is strange as I’m very quiet when other humans surround me. It’s my default setting. But the noise and the bustle and the feeling of ‘aliveness’ has injected itself into my veins, and I cannot live in the ‘quiet’ with the ‘roar’ coursing through my heart.

I also don’t wish to own a lot. (Other than books, I will fill the walls with books). Large clunky items annoy me and become overbearing to look at. It is easier to visit art in galleries, visit people at café’s, visit life outside my house. For years I’ve considered the spaces I use as storage spaces, because my activities just don’t have enough room to move in them.

So my dream home will be an apartment. My vision is incomplete, but what I would love to have will consist of these ideas here –

Two bedrooms (one to accommodate drunkard guests who have one too many G&T’s) both over looking a lit cityscape at night. An ensuite off the master bedroom, because everyone loves that private space.
One main bathroom, predominantly white. A shower head the size of a dinner plate, and jets along one wall. Dark stone accents.
Kitchen with full touch activated technology in every stainless steel smear-proof appliance.
Living room with the baddest of all couches and the raddest of all sound systems. Maybe a beanbag or two.

A simple, modern, clean atmosphere, with luxurious items splashed across shelves decorating and enunciate what wealth I might/might not have, will complete the space.

What is your dream home? Is it a large country house, a Spanish villa, or an apartment like I? Does the home or the space around it influence you more?


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