Glass post of emotion.

This is my first post written via mobile edit: also drinking).  We just went full hipster up in here.  Never go full hipster. If there are typo’s I do apologise now, this keyboard is horrific.

I need to choose two emotions that describe my life at present.  Two. Damn challenge, why you so hard now?  Especially seeing as I’m on holiday this isn’t really a good representation of ‘real life’, is it?

Thesaurus brain, activated!


I’m definitely getting snuggly with my bed, occasionally cheating on it with various couches. This whole not having a regular job is about to cause irreparable damage known as ‘ a normal sleep pattern ‘.

Two : Intoxicated.

This word means a lot more than the alcoholic badge it has earned. I am overwhelmed with positive emotions lately that it feels like a blissful drugged fantasy, everything is perfect and nothing is poisoned. ( I’m hoping the comedown isn’t horrific ).

What two words did you pick?


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