Breaking the rules.

I kept challenge number six clean of these words because, well, no good reasons really, except I want it to stand alone in my challenge category. And I didn’t enjoy writing it at all.


But, Lisa is right, I can say more.


My Dad tells me ‘ask forgiveness, never permission’. He’s always meaning it as a joke. I however pushed the phrase to its limits, and got into some real bad trouble as a freshly minted young adult.


Lessons are hard. Very hard. But without them I would miss out on knowing valuable things about myself, and the world I’ve come to understand a little bit.


I know now that it’s ok to like people as people, I’m not obliged to categorise them into sub sections for you to examine. I know now that having the technology that is cars available in my lifetime is an amazing human accomplishment, which should be respected and treated with as much caution as possible when using it around others for means of transport or otherwise. I know now that drugs never really gave me the answers I wanted, and there are other ways to extend myself mentally. I know now that education is amazing and you can always learn anything you want, anytime you want, if you want it enough. I know now that sometimes you want love, sometimes you want sex, just make sure both parties are clear about it at all times.


In a weird, twisted way, I’m glad for all my ‘F’ ups (even though you guys know some of the worst things about me now). They’re something that makes me different. If you reflect on your mistakes, would you agree with me that lessons are a big part of what makes us who we are? What have you learnt about yourself?





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