Why did the thought cross the road?

Seven things/questions on my mind more than usual.


One: How do I make money from the Internet? Seriously, there must be some way to it that hasn’t been completely exhausted yet.


Two: Where can I find inspiration for the ending of my hashed out plan for a novel? I have almost everything fixed in some idea or another, but no end in sight >_< what would you guys suggest? How do you find inspiration?


Three: Why are so many of my beautiful friends still single? Universe, play nice.


Four: Is China going to ‘F’ me around some more? China, you are not my friend right now.


Five: She is cute, how do I talk to her?


Six: th.ink.ing. One that looks like a painting would be rad. Who knows a good inker?


Seven: Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 is probably going to rip me in half. Ouuuuch.



Short, sweet, and to the point. This is generally how my thoughts work, it happens briefly, then I draw a blank.




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