9 things about myself.

Let’s keep this concise.

One: I tend not to talk about myself, or really be the first one to talk at all. I’m not introverted, because I love people, I just like to listen.

Two: When I do get talking however, I really enjoy arguing. I think it’s the best way to learn about someone else and how they think about the world. It’s not for some self-gratifying ‘look at me I’m right’ ideal either. I have no hesitation in conceding or changing my viewpoint when I think you are correct (but I will fight to the bitter end before acknowledging it).

Three: I am a dog person and think cat people are strange.

Four: I’m incredibly lazy, but my intelligence lets me get away with far more than it should.

Five: I really should have studied science, not art. But I don’t think an allegiance to one or the other dictates a valuable career. Here’s hoping I can figure out the balance and make it rich before I’m 50.

Six: I don’t see myself living in New Zealand for another decade or so. Which is an exciting and terrifying thought.

Seven: I am attracted to girls a lot more than guys.

Eight: I really hate being late to anything. Time dictates my movement more than I’d like to admit.

Nine: I think this list is stupid but my narcissistic side is filled with glee over it.


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