Is it cheating?

I started this blog with all intentions of it being filled with informative posts about working and travelling in China (specifically a run of the mill city named Shijiazhuang). The title is a dead giveaway to my former goal. It wasn’t meant to go further than that.



(Always a but).


My plans have changed. I am now heading to Beijing for work.

And I am bored.


Being back home means technically I cannot write any posts with China in mind. I’m not there right now so how can I really give any advice about it?


And I feel if I don’t start negotiating my way around this literary road block I will most likely give up on this blog, and let it rot in some hell-hole corner of the Internet where it can make friends with Bebo and that meme we’ve forgotten about but used to be funny once.


I don’t really want this to happen. I want to keep practicing. And write weekly, daily even. Maybe a 30 day blog challenge. I want to write posts about more than my old ‘China life’.


I think, the question is actually ‘would you stick around if I changed things up a bit?’






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